Total Ministry - "In"
Connecting with One Another
1. Women of Faith

This group for the women of the congregation meets once per month. They often visit restaurants and routinely do crafts and other creative projects together. If you’re looking to expand your ties within the Faith family, this group provides a warm and comfortable space to do so.

2. Discipleship Group

Discipleship is defined as a process of spiritual growth that involves believing in Jesus, learning from Him, and living more like Him. This small (but mighty!) group meets once a month to explore that process – they share their goals, their triumphs, and their trials with each other. If a little Bible study and a lot of friendship is what you’re looking for, join this group today.

3. Men's Breakfast

If combining your love of Christ with bacon and eggs appeals to you, sign up for this team! They meet on the first Saturday of each month for delicious food and amazing fellowship.

4. Book Clubs

Our book clubs put the Bible in “bibliophile”! Throughout the year, multiple titles are chosen for discussion in small groups. If you’re interested in exploring different perspectives through the written word, you definitely need to “check out” this team.

5. Sunday School

The Great Commission directs Christians to “make disciples” and to teach them to “observe all that I have commanded you.” If teaching, encouraging others, answering lots (and lots!) of questions from inquiring minds is something that interests you, consider joining this incredibly important team. This group is responsible for educating our Faith family’s children, teens, and adults.

6. Confirmation Team

This ministry team needs mentors that will help our confirmation students learn from and connect with other generations. Create relationships of support and care that will help our young members value and appreciate a faith-filled life. This group attends confirmation classes and assists in small group discussions and activities.

7. Building Maintenance

Our building does require maintenance from time to time, and we need members who are willing to put their skills to work. Join us in helping keep our building beautiful and welcoming for all.

8. Landscaping and Gardening

People’s first impression of our congregation often comes through our church yard. Help us keep it looking its best through planting, trimming, watering, and visioning new possibilities.

9. Capital Improvements

As our church grows and expands, big projects often show up on the horizon. This team needs people that can think outside of the box, are open to tackling any tasks that may arise, and are willing to get their hands dirty. Usually confined to one or two big projects a year, this group requires vision and understanding of what the church truly needs for the future. Previous projects have included installing a new sound system in the sanctuary and planning for
and coordinating a new roof to be put on the building.

10. Monthly Movie and Potluck

Cinema lovers, unite! If you are interested in watching thought-provoking movies with other Faith members, look no further! Munch on some popcorn, share a meal, and channel your inner film critic as you discuss the merits of each chosen film.

11. Sunday Morning Fellowship

Does your love of God coincide with your love of feeding people? If so, join this group that provides coffee and snacks after worship each Sunday. Providing a warm and inviting reception area after our service allows our Faith family to spend more time together in Christ’s love.