Our Purpose...Faith Grows

“Why are we here?”

We are here to grow. We are here to grow as individuals… to learn more about our Christian faith, do grow closer to God as disciples of Jesus Christ, and to grow in the ways we serve. We are here to grow as a congregation… as we welcome new members into our Faith Family and to better proclaim the Good News of God’s grace through Word and Sacrament. We are here to grow the Body of Christ as we help bring others to faith in Jesus Christ.

Christian Education

Class schedules and times vary with safe Covid 19 Pandemic practices. Please contact the church for current classes and times.

10:30 Sunday Mornings   |  On a typical Sunday morning, people of all ages gather to grow in their faith during Sunday School, which occurs after our blended worship service.

  • Children ages three through 6th grade head to the large Sunday School room for an opening with very energetic and interactive music and prayer. They then engage in a lesson about a particular Bible story.  We have developed our own three year curriculum which covers 108 significant stories from the Bible.  Over the nine years a child participates in Sunday School, they ideally will have learned about each of these stories at least three times.
  • Youth grades 7-9 participate in confirmation class. They dig deeper into the Old and New Testaments and learn about specific aspects of the Lutheran tradition such as the Sacrament of Baptism, the Sacrament of Holy Communion, The Apostles’ Creed, Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation, and what it means to confess our faith, confirm our convictions, claim our call.
  • Youth grades 10-12 engage in a High School Bible study. They cover topics relevant to their lives and interests, frequently using music and movie clips to stimulate discussion.
  • Adults gather for an Adult Bible Study. We recently studied, “Making Sense of the Christian Faith” by David Lose, a book that helped us dig deeper into understanding theology, creation, original sin, atonement, the church, the Holy Spirit, and eschatology.  We also studied, “The Lord is My Shepherd” by Rabbi Harold Kushner, a book that bring new life and meaning to the beloved 23rd Psalm.

Youth and Family Ministry

Faith encourages all of our families of all ages to engage in faith practices in the home.  Specifically, we educate and empower families to participate in the “Faith 5.”  It teaches five Faith Acts In The Home, including

1) sharing highs and lows,

2) reading a Bible verse,

3) talking about it,

4) praying together, and

5) blessing one another. 

Our Youth and Family ministry focuses on nurturing homes where faith is fostered and grown.